For Faculty

What Can the ILO Do for You?

Ohio State has been actively working to expand its academic/industry partnerships to promote economic growth and development locally, nationally, and globally. Partnerships with industry will directly impact the university's research agenda as well as its educational programs. Through increased awareness of industry's technological advances, challenges, and future directions, Ohio State can better align its research and educational programs with current industry needs.

The ILO will help you connect with industry by:

  • Facilitating seamless and strategic collaborations with companies looking for your specific area of expertise
  • Locating potential sources of industry funding for your research
  • Identifying companies specifically interested in building collaborative relationships with Ohio State researchers
  • Identifying learning experiences and internship, employment, and volunteer opportunities for your talented students
  • Introducing you to key industry leaders in your targeted research area and helping you gain access to industry facilities and personnel
  • Working with Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer to move your intellectual property toward commercialization
  • Promoting the university's vast research potential and technological advances to industry
  • Enhancing multidisciplinary research initiatives on campus by connecting you with other Ohio State researchers performing work in your specific area of expertise

Contact the ILO today to see how your cutting-edge research can play a role in fostering economic development in Ohio and beyond. Help contribute to the university's rise from research excellence to research eminence.

By providing streamlined access to Ohio State resources, the ILO will save you critical time and dead-end inquiries. Think of the ILO as your advocate - your eyes and ears on campus. The ILO can help you quickly identify faculty conducting up-to-the-minute research relevant to the demands of your company. The ILO will also help you facilitate one-on-one meetings with Ohio State experts to monitor new and emerging technologies and discuss research projects of interest to your company.