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Industry Liaison Office (ILO)
190 North Oval Mall, Suite 019, Columbus, OH 43210
Daniel A. Kramer Associate Vice President 614-247-6371
Alba Clivati-McIntyre Director, Business Intelligence & Mapping 330-263-3890
Elizabeth Drotleff Associate ILO Director,
Discovery Themes 614-292-9792
David Emerling Industry Collaborations Director,
Center for Automotive Research (CAR) 248-877-4718
Daniel A. Kramer Industry Liaison Director (acting)
College of Engineering 614-247-6371
Matthieu Karamoko Business Analyst,
Business Intelligence & Mapping 614-292-9557
Todd Guttman ILO Collaboration Analyst 614-432-0222
Kelly Sitz Executive Assistant,
Contact Coordinator 614-292-5701


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